Aria Sanual Edit



She is fun and caring.She likes to make others happy and rarely gets mad, but when she does,RUN!


She uses a large wooden stick and sometimes a bow.


Aria loves cats,therefore she has a white cat.


When she is in this form she can munipulate water and turn it into ice. Her eyes turn blue when in this stage.She is capable of making title waves.


Sen Urec:Thinks he is weird.

Derek Voramee:Thinks he is sometimes a bit creepy.

Mark Trium:Thinks he needs to get off his phone!

Ray Pooll:Has a crush on him.

Adrianna Hummels:They are good friends.

Tourmaline Persona:Likes her cat ears and tail.

Ivy Willow:Doesn't know her too well.

Sierria Nowalk:Are friends.

Kallakabukk:Thinks he is really good when it comes to skills and fighting.

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