Nakia Aed is a member of the Taricta.


Nakia has short orange hair, icy blue eyes, and tanned skin. She always wears black clothes and has a skull necklace. She is 20 and is 5'9.


She is very harsh and isn't afraid to push someone to their limit when fighting. She never shows compassion or mercy when fighting and will kill without hesitation. She always jumps first into battles and hates being commanded.


  • Sword
  • Spear


Element: Pyric

In her ChangedForme she is much more violent and can create and control balls of fire, though it weakens her greatly and she can cloak herself in fire as protection. She looks the same but has a small pair of wings that allow her to fly.

She has control over her emotions in her ChangedForme unlike most.

Threat Level: High


  • Her name, Nakia, means unconquered and Aed means fire.