This is the Nebula Squadron's base.


The Nebula Squadron consists of a giant main tower, which holds many rooms in it. Surrounding the base of it, are 6 wearhouses facing off in all directions. Each one represent a different form of travel. One represents boats, another underwater, another airial, another cars/tanks, and the other is foot based travel. The last bunker holds miscellanous gear in it.

The tower and other places use more energy form techniques, including Energy Barricades, and a Energy Based Elevator for travel up and down. Near the top is the Control Room, which controls the training room, which they can totally control, including placing realistic hologram enemies, and scenarios in it.

Area Surrounding the BaseEdit


Is a huge forested area.


Is a lot of sandy/beachy area.


A vast Ocean.


An enormous swamp that extends 10 miles along the beach coast.


To the south is a flat plateau.


Is a path which leads to the closest town/city. It is located about a 3 miles away.


A bunch of mountains, the highest is half the size of K2.


A vast desert that suddenly ends when it hits the river.


A long river that is inbetween the desert and forest.

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