This is for the list of the members in the Nebula Squadron.


Nebula Squadron MembersEdit

  1. Ray Pooll - Commander
  2. Derek Voramee - Admiral
  3. Sierria Nowalk - Captain
  4. Noah 'Sandman' King - Black Ops Operative
  5. Sen Urec - Specialist
  6. Adrianna Hummels - Specialist
  7. Mark Trium - Recruit
  8. Kalla - Major
  9. Tourmaline Persona - Recruit
  10. Ivy Willow - Officer
  11. Melany Desdemona- Former Specialist (Defected to Taricta side)
  12. Leah d' Este- Recruit
  13. Aria Sanual
  14. Gabriel Angioletto - Captain
  15. Xavier - Recruit

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