Nebula Squadron Records Edit

Most enemies killed by arrows in less then 20 seconds:(5 kills)-Derek Voramee

Most enemies killed in a single battle:(78 kills)-Ray Pooll

Most enemies taken out before being spotted:(9 kills)-Derek Voramee

Farthest Kill: Sen Urec (Used meditation to cause an enemy's liver to explode from 2.7 miles away)

Biggest Kill: (BetaBeast)-Ray Pooll/Derek Voramee/Kallakabukk/Sen Urec/Melany Desdemona

Most enemies killed in less than 1 minute:

Weirdest Kill: (Bullet ricochet off of another bullet)-Ray Pooll[Sim Room]

Most enemies killed using a combat knife in a single battle:

Longest time stalking enemies without being noticed:(one day)-Melany Desdemona

Longest time being camoflauged without enemies noticing: (one hour)-Ivy Willow

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