Ranks are the ranking system of command and troops in the Nebula Squadron.


  1. Recruit (R)
  2. Specialist (S)
  3. Officer(O)
  4. Major (M)
  5. Captain (C)
  6. General (G)
  7. Admiral (A)
  8. Commander (CM)


Somebody who has just joined the Squadron.


A member who is allowed to go on solo missions, but not allowed to command.


A member who is allowed to command Recruits but not Specialists.


A member who commands Officers and Recruits, and on mission can direct Specialists, but not give them a mission.


A member who commands, assigns, and regulates Specialists. Captains also command Officers and Recruits. They can also override a Major's orders, but cannot command Major's.


Third in command. Commands Majors, Officers, Specialists, and Recruits. Oversees Captains and can demote them if necessary. Can promote up to Officer.


Second in command. Commands Generals, Captains, Majors, Officers, Specialists, and Recruits. Can promote up to Captain.


Leader of the Squadron. Commands all ranks. Can promote up to Admiral.

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