Ray Pooll

Ray Pooll

Ray Pooll is a militaristic fighter who is one of the founding members of the Nebula Squadron.



OP ScoreEdit

Ray scores a 30; Perfect


Ray Pooll2

Full body pic of Ray


Ray Pooll looks like Vincent Valentine, and has long black hair and likes the color red.


Ray often seems distant and uncaring, but he often has a humorous side and can be very nice when he needs to be. However in a fight he only shows Discipline and almost unrivaled unison with anybody near him.

Other InfoEdit

Age: 22

IQ: 130 (mostly tactically oriented)

Favorite Past-time: Working in the Sim Room


Ray is very agile, and can easily perform complex jumps in midair. He also has a fast regeneration, so he can take hits and recover fast. Plus he can is stronger than most others, and thus can lift more.


Ray will use any weapon he can, however he is very good with hand to hand combat, but will use mostly guns when fighting.


Element: ChaosEdit

Ray Pooll Changed Form

ChangedForme Ray


Ray Pooll looks just like Chaos from FF7.


Ray, while in this form, never smiles or shows any sort of compassion. He is angered easily and often will attack his allies as well as the enemy.


He can fly and move at incredibly fast speeds. He can also use Chaos Forme attacks, including Chaos Wave.


In this form, Ray doesn't use any weapons, and instead hand to hand combat and his ChangedForme Powers.



His fatal flaw is relying on himself too much. He often doesn't realize that he needs others help for things.


  1. He looks like Vincent Valentine.
  2. His ChangedForme is represented by Vincent Valentine's Chaos Form in Final Fantasy 7.
  3. He hates Apples with a passion.

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