Saint Dane (Leader Of the Taricta) Edit




Saint Dane likes to play around with his enemies.He is very smart and uses different strategies.

He may not seem very powerful, but he is indeed very deadly.


He has icy blue eyes, brown hair and wears black pants and jacket.

Weapons:Doesn't need anyEdit


Saint Dane is capable of changing form(his eyes stay the same colour), therefore turning into other people or when ever he makes his escape he turns into a raven. He can use super strengh and other such abilities at will.Besides his powers he uses different tactics/strategies unlike any other villain. He has the capability of turning entire societies against people. This is very smart because The Nebula Squadron is suppose to stop the Taricta from raiding the earth and if the army/civilians turn against the Nebula Squadron it could be really bad. Thats how he got his army, brutes,grunts, and such. He does not have a changed form, he doesn't need one anyways.

Specailty:Creating ChaosEdit

Threat Level:MassiveEdit