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Shorryyhn is a Wookiee Sith. He is in the Taricta, and is Kalla's twin (but not identical) brother.



Shorr is pretty far up in the Taricta, but there aren't definate ranks.


Shorr has very light grey fur. He wears a bloodred leather over-shoulder-and-regular belt with many lightsabers on it from Jedi and Sith he has killed. His left leg and arm also have bloodred leather legging and sleeve, as well as a long leather glove of the same colour on his left hand.


Shorr's personality is almost the complete opposite of Kalla's. Instead of calm, he is always angry. He fights visciously against everyone who attacks him. However, he has the same wisdom, strength, courage, and perserverance.


Being a Sith, Shorr can use the Dark side of the Force, which has the added bonus of Sith Lightning. He is an expert at lightsaber fighting, and, being a Wookiee, has the strength of many men.


Shorr's main weapons are his red-bladed lightsaber and the Force. He also has his Wookiee strength, which is emense. He also has the lightsabers of his defeated enemies, but they are mainly for show.




ChangedForme - Terra


Shorr becomes made of earth and rock, like the picture there ---->


Shorr can make the earth split apart to swallow people, make creatures of the earth, and create walls to block projectiles, or have it cover people, basically burying them alive.


Shorr's personality when in his ChangedForme is rather different from usual. He is more calm and calculating, and will save people, unlike normally, where he sacrifices anyone who can't hold out on their own.


Shorr uses only the earth as a weapon.


Shorr has too much anger, and it often clouds his wisdom.


  • His name is in Shyriiwook.
  • The first part of his name, Shor, means "deadly, lethal" or "fierce" or "shadow."
  • The last part of his name, ryyhn, means "danger" or "shimmersilk" or "syren plant."
  • He only speaks Shyriiwook, the language of the Wookiees.
  • He is 400 years old.

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