Zethos Edit


He is 16 years old,and an old rival of Derek.

He has blond hair and green eyes.

Zethos is with the Taricta.


He is very mouthy and rood. He also has a tendincy to annoy enemies and insult them while in battle. If you insult him back after a while he will get really mad, which after a while if continued, he will turn into Zapdos.

Element and Changed Form:Edit

His Element is Voltic, he when in this form, looks like a giant bird.He is capable of unleashing a very high amount of electricity.
180px-Zapdos by greyanimebeast


He is known as "Zapdos" instead of Zethos when in this form.


Plants. His electricity is useless against plants.But his is able to rip through them with his beak and talons.

Threat Level:High(When in Changed form)Edit